You’re Always There

6 junio, 2013 at 8:53 pm Deja un comentario

I don’t know where you are,
the consistence of the ground you tread upon,
the voices that call you,
the fragrance brought by the air you breathe,
the brightness of the light that shines on you.

How many stars does your night sky have?
In what spaces do you wander?
What alleys crosses the wind
that tousles your hair?
What notes do you listen to in the darkness?
What storms stir in your insides?

I don’t think I have lost you
because it’s impossible to lose you,
because you’re always there,
because every turn brings you,
every corner,
because you simply happen
like the days, like twilight,
like children’s laughter,
like water that falls and leaps
and falls again.

That’s why you’re still present,
free of time and emptiness;
that’s why you leave and return
like a wave,
like a swallow,
like a full moon.

I haven’t lost you.
I have you.

And you return
even if I’m not expecting you.
You return just because,
because it’s you,
because it’s your essence,
because you are my essence,
and I, when I am myself,
am yours.


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